Welche front für ein vari?

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    • Welche front für ein vari?

      I have a problem, I can't decide which front to choose for my Vari.
      The rest of the car goes in "Jubi Style" or OEM+ if you like.

      Such as:
      Complete Jubi/R32 alu interor
      Jubi interior mirror
      Jubi pedals and dead pedal
      R-line shift stick
      Caractere rear spoiler
      R32 side skirts
      V6 rear valence
      Jubi modified Original Xenon - blackchromed outer ring as the Original Jubi lights
      Ocean rear lights
      Jubi handbrake
      Jubi floor mats
      US front bumper list with position lights - White

      Hmm :(, I can't decide on which front, I like both. :(
      Are there any problems with the Oettinger front?

      Oettinger Front or Jubi spoiler?

      Oettinger Front

      Jubi front

    • Whats about this one :

      I hope i get it back next week.

      Bis denn dann TheZero 8)

      Golf 7 Variant Highline 2.0TDI


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    • Original von Silverbora
      yes, i like the P2 parts.... :D

      We know :D8):D
      Bis denn dann TheZero 8)

      Golf 7 Variant Highline 2.0TDI

    • Hmm, yes, the P2 is nice too but it is more common here, as well as the caractere, so I decided for a OEM looking part but it has to be rare. And the Jubi G4 was never sold in sweden!!! 8o And Oettinger, well, you nevere see them here.

      Oettinger then. Is it hard to mold the front to the bumper like you have Daniel? So you cant see any joints?