Jessy's VW Golf V 2.0Tdi

    • Golf 5

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    • Jessy's VW Golf V 2.0Tdi

      Hey!! :thumbsup:

      I'm Jessy 18 years old and living next to you in The Netherlands haha :thumbup: My ride is a 2005 VW Golf V 2.0TDI (BKD) Sportline. The car is tuned up at 84000km to 180bhp and 410nm of torque and still now we are almost passing 110K its still drive's GREAT! Looks of the car are stock @ the moment but will be changed. The car runs now @ 180bhp and 410nm but end of January i'm getting another turbo together with a custom chiptuning. That all wil bring the car running @ aprox ~ 210/220bhp and 470nm. I also CAN do other injectors (Pumpduse in German?) that will give the Golf a good and healty 240bhp and 500nm but I aint going to do that because the gearbox and other suspension parts wil run out to quick and hard. The turbo will be a Garrett Hybride 1856. Next plan is suspension i think that H&R springs wil be good enough for the Sportline. Total lowering should be 4 ~ 5 cm? good enough for me. Together with 19" S8 rims or 19" BBS Audi A6/S6 speedline or 18" R32 wheels (silver or black?) should make the car look good!! OEM Xenon en maybe a R-Line of Jetta bumper at the front and a GTI bumper and end muffler or tips @ the rear are also in the plan.

      Here some pictures of my ride how it is now (complete stock)

      Greetings Jessy 8)

    • Welcome on board ;)

      Your car looks good and the modifications you planned are awesome! I hope everything will work fine...
      If you want 19" rims you won't be happy with springs for long time...Therefore you should install a coil over suspension ;)


      Gruß triky

    • Welcome to the "Golf - Maniacs" :D

      Your car looks great...beautiful colour :thumbup:
      A r-line bumper at the front would definitely look "sexy" on your car ;)

      Have a nice time & greetings from Austria

      Nach § VW, besteht für Ameisen Helmpflicht :D
    • I have bought my GTI style exhaust 2 days ago. Only a GTI bumper is on the list then at the end of January we build the piece's together along with the tuning. Cant wait till end of this month!!! :D

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    • Small update:

      The car is now @ the tunings company and can pick it up this thursday. A new turbo + other exhaust system and a custum tuning will added to the car. I also have purchased a full R32 braking system together with origninal Bi-Xenon headlamps, GTI steeringwheel, GIT pedals and a GTI shifter. The car broke down 2 weeks ago I dont no the problem but I think its a EGR cooler OR the turbo. Also this week the EGR cooler will be fully deleted and a other turbo will be placed.

      Here some pics.....

      This came in a realy big box with a realy big poststamp on it from Finland :love: Its a FIN-Hybride 1856.

      Greetings Jessy

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