Looking for US model Golf IV and Jetta IV

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    • Looking for US model Golf IV and Jetta IV

      Hey guys,
      I was contacted by Ali at Upsolute about an exciting opportunity for one or two special US VW cars in Europe.
      Remus has contacted Upsolute about getting their US test car, and fitting it with a special US version sport exhaust.

      My car was the test car and I am back in the US, Fort Stewart, GA. So they emailed me seeing if I can get someone that is currently over in Germany to either contact Remus or Upsolute.

      I replied back to Ali asking for more details. Car model? Engine type?

      He originally told me he is looking for US 2002 Golf IV VR6 and Jetta VR6. I assumed this was the 24V (204 PS version). He also mentioned the 1.8T versions.

      I told them that their are a few newer special models which use the 25th Anniversary rear exhaust, so we'll see.

      Who's interested?

    • Is Ali only looking for US versions or also German versions of the VR6 and 1.8T ?

      I guess if he only wants US versions, its better to look on the 'tex ( yes ive seen your post ;) ) !