HELP! Ich Bin Ein Amerikaner

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    • HELP! Ich Bin Ein Amerikaner

      Hallo ich bin ein Amerikaner und ich wohne in

      Rheinland-Pfalz in Bitburg. Ich muss ein guter Mechaniker die Reifen

      Strecke finden. Meine Rader sind 18x9 und 18x10 und ich mochte,

      205/40/18 vorne und 215/40/18 fur die Hinterachse. Kennt jemand jede



      In case you speak english I know that translation is not perfect so let me explain. I have a Golf V US spec and I live in Bitburg (near Trier) and I am making my car ready for the car show season. I have new wheels that are Work equip mesh the sizes are 18x9et32 and 18x10et38. The car is going to be VERY low on coilovers and I need to stretch the tires to make the stance perfect. I need to run 205/40/18 on the 9 and 215/40/18 on the 10. I know German TUV laws say this size will not work but I do not have to follow TUV laws since the car is registered to a US army base. This size WILL fit on those wheels I just need to find a tuner friendly tire shop that is willing to do something so extreme. Here are some pictures of my wheels.

      Here are some pictures from that show that it IS possible.
      205/40/17 *not same size wheel but same width*

      and the rear wheel would be like this

      Please help me if you know of a place that can do this. I would like it to be close but I will travel a couple hours if I have to.


    • I know a few shops around Frankfurt...I think they would do that, but it's maybe a bit too far away for you...

      There is one guy working in Offenbach who is specialized in rims and tires and he also sells US rims (and even drives a US car :D a tuned Dodge Ram Rumble Bee).

      Just give him a call 069 - 8004904 or send him a mail, but I don't know if he can speak english :D Hope so...

      Gruß triky

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    • Frankfurt is not too far away I would be willing to make that drive. I will try the number you suggested but if you dont mind let me know the names in Frankfurt as well I will try everything!

      I also want to say that I really appreciate all of your help and also speaking english with me..I've been trying to learn German but I dont know enough to discuss car talk yet!

      Thanks again and I will be sure to post up anything I find out.