Test fit the new wheels! 18x9 / 18x10

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    • Test fit the new wheels! 18x9 / 18x10

      Take a look! This is why I need such extreme stretch on my tires. Please someone help me find a place so I can get this beast out to the Treffen!

      I test fit the wheels just to see how much taco-poke I'm working with. And I have to say its decent

      Dont mind the filth. It snowed this weekend and you Germans dont joke around with your road salt so keep the clean me comments 2 yourself!! ;)

      Here are lots of pics.


      front fitment

      Rear fitment and misc shots.

    • That is indeed baller status. Hope you will find someone to stretch the tires on those. Won´t be easy in Germany tho !

      Do you guys have to stick with our TÜV-bs anyways :D ???

    • You, sir, are a lucky sob :D !
      Can`t wait to see your build thread !
      Do you go by the same name on golfmkv.com ? Thought I´ve seen you there before since I´m hanging out there more often than here for obvious reasons :rolleyes: !

    • Yeah I am on golfmkv that site is a little bit better *NO OFFENSE!* I dont know if I would say I'm lucky you do live in a country with some of the best roads in the world! I'm also on vagboard and vwvortex what can I say I love VW's! Once I get all of my parts in the mail I think I'll start a build thread so that I can have pictures to start.

      Can anyone recommend a good place to get the hood notch filled in? I dont know how to say it in German but the area above the VW emblem on the front hood I want it to be straight across. Here is an example by a friend

    • Yeah I know what you mean ! Proper german translation for hood notch would be "Aussparung in der Motorhaube für das VW Zeichen" :D ! That´s one bitch to type ! I did some Google search and found that shop, Auto Moskopp, in Bitburg, which is the place of your deployment iirc ! Their website is auto-moskopp.de ! Looks like they could perform a notch fill. Just go check out the small paint shops in your area and try to avoid the big franchise workshops like ATU if you want proper work done.

    • First of all, I´m pretty sure that those aren´t Equips, even though the centercap implies otherwise. Those wheels should be Work VS-XXs.

      Secondly, thanks for bringing the term JDM and all the related pointlessness to this forum ! Great work buddy :thumbsup: !
    • they are VERY similar to the work vs-xx's but I've compared them and they are not. The work vs-xx have a wheel face that is raised from the lip area very close to the BBS LM wheel. These are not like that *trust me I did my research* I did not however find anything that made me know for sure that these are work equips. They are definitely works and are stamped w/ all of the appropriate stickers inside. But I have custom centercaps so nobody will ever know what they are ;)

      I brew my own beer and the centercap is going to reflect that in a way...you'll see ;)

    • Never doubted that they are Works, but they ain´t Equips fo sho :P !
      Anyways they do look hawt and I´m really anxious to see your work finished !
      Any news concerning the notch fill ?

    • You got a little one on the way and are still hanging around on here ??? GTFO :D !
      Congrats and the best wishes to you and your family !!!!
      And as far as the notch goes, just cover it with duct tape ! That would be as ghetto as it gets, probably :D !