Golf 6 - conversion to R-front

    • Golf 6

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    • Golf 6 - conversion to R-front

      First of all, sorry for writting in English.

      I am from Denmark, and since this is a small country we a unfortunaly a small number of Golf-lovers!

      I was thinking about switching my standard front to a nice R, not R-line but the real R-front.
      Which parts do I need, and is it difficult to change?

      I appreciate every answer

      thank you

    • actually, you`re wrong around here. this is where you present your own car.
      maybe a mod will push this for you into the right section..
      anyway, you might have a look at the presentation of this user:
      Golf 6 Mein Golf VI Comfortline :)
      stock Golf VI + Golf VI R-frontmask. ask him ... ;)

    • I answered your PM right now.
      Seems to be difficult in your situation.... :(

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