Helix PP40 Info

    • Audi A4

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    • Helix PP40 Info

      Hello, I own an Audi A4 B7 (8E) and I am using an Helix PP40 amplifier. Does anyone have information about additional options for this amplifier? The instructions that came with this amplifier do not include its full capabilities.

    • Thanks for your help Kaufi.

      I tried to download the file in the link but I dont know what program is used to open a file an extension .af2.

      I have the PP40 with DSP.

      My questions were:

      1. How can I make the PP40 turn on an external subwoofer amp that is not canbus?

      2. My rear speaker do not play any sound when the amplifier is connected. Could this be a result of the setting on the amplifier? The cable that was supplied withthe amp had the connections for front and rear speakers.

      I really like that PP40. Its has a lot of options and I would like to see all the capabilities of this DSP AMP.