Eng: Original highline/GTI suspension

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    • Eng: Original highline/GTI suspension

      Sorry for writting in English first off, I am from Denmark and we do not have as many Golf enthusiasts as you have :(
      That is why I am posting here, and unfortunatly my Geman is so bad, that I don't think anyone would understand me.

      My question:

      I have noticed that the highline and GTI/GTD models have a lower suspension than my Comfortline, why I want to know where I can buy the original highline/GTI suspension for a original look.

      If anybody know, I would appreciate your help

      Thank you,

    • Sorry, but this won't work beause of the differences in weight. You can buy lowering springs at VW here in Germany to achieve the same look as the GTI suspension.

      It would be best to ask your local dealer for these springs.

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    • 900€ 8|?(

      That is way to expensive!

      it won't cost you more then 350€ for everything.
      -150€ for the springs
      -150€ for mounting
      - and here in germany you will pay about 50€ for "TÜV"

      MfG. Chrischan

    • I agree, that is why I told him no way!

      If you see the link of the springs posted above, this will fit perfectly and give the GTI/highline lowering?
      Is there any difference in the hardness of the springs compared to my original ones? I guess the car will get a more firm handling...

      Can I ask what "TÜV" is?

    • i actually don't know how much lower the Golf 6 GTI is...
      i guess its like the Golf 5 GTI, 15mm?

      so you will get a bit lower then the GTI, but 25-30 mm is okay, it will look very nice!

      hmm... you got to go to the "Tüv" so they will check your upgrades at your care, if you did everything right and they will allow you to drive on the street with you changes ;)

      MfG. Chrischan