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    • Sportfahrwerk


      (Sorry for writting in English).

      Currently I have a 1.4 TSI Comfortline, and would like to give a sporty look with a sportsuspension (fahrwerk).

      I know the Highline in Denmark is mainly sold with the sportfahrwerk, however I am not sure if this is standard in Germany or a part of the sport-package?

      My question: Which part numbers are relevant for giving my Comfortline the sporty look of the Highline (with sportfahrwerk)?
      Does anyone have any experience with the same changing, and how would you describe the result?

      I am hoping someone is able to help

      Thank you

    • I recommend you to go for sport springs from Eibach or a coil cover from H&R for example. This is cheaper and better.

      There are even sport springs from VW available at your local dealer for ~176 €.

      Gruß Linx, Moderator