New RiverBlue Golf Sportline aus Russland

    • Golf 5

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    • New RiverBlue Golf Sportline aus Russland

      Hello! My name is Max. I am from Moscow, Russia. Sorry, I don't speak German, so I will write in English. My Golf is 2006 Golf 5. I have quite rare here in Russia Sportline package. The engine is 1.6 BSE 102HP with tiptronic 6speed gearbox. The car's color is yet more rare - LA5S New RiverBlue metallic. This color was available only in 2006.
      Here are some options I have in my car:
      - sport seats;
      - RNS 510 navigation;
      - Nokia VW Bluetooth premium;
      - Lights and Vision Package;
      - 10 airbags;
      - 10 speakers soundsystem;
      - alloy 16" wheels ("Hockenheim" in winter, "Mugello" in summer).

      And hear are some pictures of my Golf:

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    • Hello Max,

      welcome in tihs forum! As i told you befor - i'm proudly surprised to see that we have international members from so many countrys allover the world. Your Car looks good, the colour ist very great and the features too.

      Hope you can get some inspirations to costumise your car some more.

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    • Hello and Welcome Max. Unbelievable, how international this forum is becoming. Of course we already got some guys from austria but russia, wow that's kind of cool :D .
      Your car is looking good. Take car of it, and maby you'll find some inspirations here, to modify your car.
      One last question: Is it hard to take of your car through the terrible traffic of moscow city ? Is it realy like in those videos on YouTube :) ? Please don't be to mad with me, but I realy would like to know that.

    • Terrex, thanks! I am not sure, but it seems that I am the only one member from Russia at the moment. About modifying - the first thing I want to do - to install original VW sport suspension (-15mm from standard euro suspension). You see - all VW here in Russia has so called Rough Road Suspension (+20 mm to standard euro). I don't know, do you have such suspension in Germany? That's why the car looks not very good, like little jeep :) But roads here in Russia are not so well, as in Europe, and sometimes they are really terrible.
      Just for example on the way to my country house (200 km from Moscow) there is a road section with such surface (I think you don't have such a bad roads in Germany):

      At this road secton I can go by the roadside only. So this raised suspension helps when you are riding on such roads. The second thing - I want to replace stock reflector front headlights with Hella Xenon-Look ones.

      And about traffic in Moscow. Unfortunately I can't compare it with traffic in other big european cities, because I didn't visit them. But some times (not all the time) it's really very stressful. I can tell you, that I don't riding my Golf on working days, only on weekends. When I go to work, I prefer to use metro. It's really faster. And about videos on youtube - can you send some link for example, and I will tell you, is it so or not.
    • Yes, I know what you mean with this Off-Road Suspension. I'm not quite sure, but I believe, that you were able to buy this for your golf in Germany aswell. That's indeed a terrible road 8| . But around here in germany or let's say former GDR/DDR ("east germany") there are some bad roads aswell but this kind of road, like you showed in the picture, is very rare round here. We got pothols aswell, but not so big ones. Your modifications sound good for the beginning.
      With the Metro you mean the train, like the subway in New York, am I right ? Well with the traffic I meant, that lot's of people don't care about the traffic rules and some drivers are very aggressiv. I saw a report about Moscow in the TV and there they showed people who got beatn by other drivers and some even got shot. Also there seem to be many corrupt cops. And then there were the people from the higher society or goverment, that use blue lights to go faster through the traffic. I found that quite funny actually :D .
      You know, thats what they tell us in german tv, so please don't be mad with me. With your help i want to find out, if it's true what they are tellin us.
      This is the video I told you about: I know it's in german, but maby the pictures/movies can tell you what I mean.

    • Hi,Terrex! Happy New Year! It's a pleasure to hear, that some people in Europe like you for example is interesting about Russian life, really! First of all about Metro - I mean it's an underground subway. I think you also have it for example in Berlin. And about video. I can tell you that yes, it's a real life in Russia. Here we have special TV shows about road collisions and accidents, so called "Road Wars". But at the same time I can't tell you, that it's a normal situation and you can see it every day on the roads. For example I live in Moscow and I am driving the car for almost 2 years. Till this time I haven't seen such situations with my own eyes. But unfortunately they are happening every day. There are so many drunk drivers on our roads, that drives a car with 120-150 km/h within the city (at 60 km/h speed limitation). It's an absolute true about what you said about a corrupt policemen and governmental privileges. They really use blue flashing lights and don't follow any traffic rules. Thats why many russian drivers now use special video-recorders, that installs on the front window. I am going to install such device too:

      That helps to avoid many problems, that may happen on our roads, because in case of any collision you will have a video.
      So at the end I can tell you that Russia is not so terrible country as it seems at first glance.

      P.S. If you have some more questions about Russia and Golfs in Russia, please ask - I am always glad to answer :)

      Kind regards, Max.

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    • That sounds pretty interesting. But talking about trafic in Moscow we should not forget tat it is a city of 11.5 Million inhabitants. So you can not compare with any city in Germany. And I'm gad to read that it is not what you see everyday...

      Concerning your car: As far as I know you have installed some divices for noice reduction from Golf MK VII ;) Guess it would be interessting for the crowds to read about it.

      And what did you do with your rear badge? Is it a german flag?

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    • Ralfer, yes. you are quite right - it's a german flag inside the rear emblem. Found it at ebay last summer. It's a pre-cutted sticker. Look pretty good especially here in Russia :) And I also have german flag-styled front seats insirts.