H&r monotube coilover 29225-3 R32

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    • H&r monotube coilover 29225-3 R32

      Hi people , fisrt of all i apologize for speaking english , but im spanish and i dont speak german .

      I have a doubt and i know this is the best forum to resolve it .

      I own a 2007 R32 dsg , im so interested in purchasing the h&r monotube part number 29225-3 for lowering my car , so i would like you to help me to know if these coils will down my car 50 mm . The ultra low version is not available for the R32 .

      I know that the h&r website says 40-70 mm but i trust in your knowledge , not in website specs .

      Thks dudes .

    • Marlon schrieb:

      The monotube coilovers will get your r32 down 50mm for sure !
      And If you want to get your car really low ask ah-exclusive or still static ! They Do Special coilovers till 140mm!

      ... von Unterwegs !

      sauschell schrieb:

      if you are intrested in hr coils i think ah exclusive/flachwerk will help you very well......ah exclusive the ultra low version from the golf 5/6 variant will fit for the golf r 32. r32 low verison this must be the right one.....
      Wow , really thks marlon and saschell , thats what i wanted to read , hahaha , i knew this is the best forum , i wasnt wrong .

      I´ve been taking a look to the webs you both tell me , but i think this is too much for me , 140 !!!!!!!!!!!! thats crazy haha , i love the german style but here in my country the streets and roads are awfull , full of bumps , pot holes , etc .

      If i can low 50-60 its more than enough for me , so if you assure me that i´ll get it , im gonna buy them .

      Saschell , i´ve been reading the pdf document of your link , and if im right , it says that the 29225-1 (ultra low) is for all except R32 , and the 29258-1 is valid for the R32 , but this one is not ultra low , and i´ve been looking for the specs of them and they say 40-60 mm , and the coils that i want 29225-1 40-70 mm . Is all my info correct ? or do you recommended any other for your experience ? Fk silverline x what do you think about ?

    • Yeah Marlon , i saw them a few days ago , those coils are amazing but they´re too expensive for the use im gonna giv´em .

      From 60-120 mm according to his web .

      Then you´re sure im gonna get those 60 mm with the 29225-3 ?

      Any site to get them cheaper ?

      Thks again .

    • Good choice man ! Still static ?
      Hope to see some pics of your car with the coils :D
      Id like to see a thread bout your car!

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      Hi my friend , i was talking a lot with Simon from Still Static , i have to say he really is a professional , he helped me so much with all my doubts , but who really sells the coils is Alois from Ah Exclusive , about Alois i have to say i didnt like his professionality , he didnt reply almost any mail with a few doubts i had , but he is the only one who has those coils .

      So thats all mate , im right here waiting for them , im tracking the package and its already in Spain , so i think i will get it tomorrow or on tuesday . Now i have to buy the Srs fenders and i will have all the components i need .

      For sure , i will post a thread with pics , consider it done mate . :D
    • Ok mate , well i already have the coilies , in two weeks i will have the srs fender so i will be able to mount everything .

      Once everything is mounted , all the pieces have to be homologated by an engineer , because in my country the Tuv papers arent enough , and then ill go to the Tuv .

      And after all those things i will create a post with pics of the new look of my .:R .

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