WS-6530 All-in-One Gerät ähnlich RNS 510 mit DVD, SD, USB, Navi, Radio, Bluetooth usw.

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  • WS-6530 All-in-One Gerät ähnlich RNS 510 mit DVD, SD, USB, Navi, Radio, Bluetooth usw.

    Verkaufe ein WS-6530 (jetzt VW 7088). Optik entspricht RNS 510.

    Das China-Gerät dürfte ziemlich bekannt sein. Hier die rießige Ausstattung auf englisch:

    Preis 280 Euro VHB mit Versand.


    1. Same button style design with the original VW style 2-DIN radio/DVD of RCD-510 and RNS-510.
    2. Compatible with RCD-310.
    3. 6.5 inch qHD TFT LCD with
      touch screen, resolution 640x360 px
    4. Compatible with
      MP4/MP3/DVD/VCD/CD/CD-R/Divx/CD-RW etc.
    5. With excellent mechanical
      anti-vibration and electronic shock protection.
    6. Adjustable parameters can be memorized automatically, and resume back to the
      default value.
    7. Touch screen with graphics OSD display and 3D design make operations easy.
    8. Fluorescent keys
      available for the remote control.
    9. Rear view camera connector with mirroring function supported.
    10. Built-in Bluetooth for Hands Free with Caller phone number display and Phonebook.
    11. Built-in microphone in front, a connector for external microphone on back as well.
    12. SD Media Card slot, support up to 32 GB Cards.
    13. Micro USB port in front, supports up to 32 GB flash disk. Extension cable for USB included.
    14. iPOD support, connector on back with extension cabling.
    15. One channel video input, two channel video output.
    16. Two channel
      audio input, three channel audio output.
    17. Dual zone function (Listen Radio/CD while watching GPS screen).
    18. FM/AM/RDS Radio with 30+20 pre set
      radio stations.
    19. Real time clock
    20. 4*45 Watts audio amplifier.
    21. Built-in GPS navigation system. TMC function supported.
    22. 2 - 4GB SD Card slot for GPS map.
    23. VAG CAN bus power control compatible.
    24. Supports VW style CAN bus Steering wheel control without any modification.
    25. Optional built-in DVB-T for digital television system.
    26. CDC (multiple-disk cartridge) play control function available.