.:R rubbing problems & et &tires advice .

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    • .:R rubbing problems & et &tires advice .

      Hi everyone , im sorry for not speaking german,im spanish .

      A time a go i installed on my .:R32 mkv a H&r 110 mm coils from Ah exclusive , srs 2,5 wider fenders , Cayenne 6 pot calipers and 17 mm spacers (that the tires dont rub the calipers) . Im on oem wheels , as you know they are 7,5 et51(wheels et51-17 spacers = et34) . Ok thats the introduction .

      Now just two questions for the slammed-dropped-stretched masters :D

      1.- I lowered the car about 6 - 7 cm in the front and more or less in the rear . The problem comes when i turn the steering wheel and go over a bump or a kerb (if i go over a kerb with the steering wheel straight there is no problem because the tires stay inside the fenders) because the tires rub the arch fenders and its a bit annoying .

      So , how could i fix it ? camber plates ? stretching tires ? both ? one better than the other one ?

      Here you are a pic what im talking about .




      2.- Im thinking of going on 8,5x19 , what et do i have to choose ?will i have rubbin problem either front and rear ? what tires size should i mount ? Keep in mind i go with oem rear fenders , not rolled , not worked . Im running now a bit of negative camber because my tires rubbed the inner fender side and now its about 3-5 mm clearance .

      Would be great if you could specify all the details , for exmple : 8,5x19 et45 tires 215-35 and it should be fine , or 8,5x19 et42 tires 225-35 and work a bit the fenders ... etc .

      Danke schön in advance dudes .

    • the 225/40 tyre on the oem wheels are like ballons... you need the maximum of tyre stretch. so take the 215/35 fallen 452 for a max of stretching! then is very important which offset u take? i prefer et40-42. it will still rub on the fender, but no more in the case.

      Gruß Martin
    • Hi Soony , thaks for replying , as i guessed 215-35 tires would be better . So you dont recommend camber plates ? and one more thing , et42 would extend the outter position 2.2 cm in the rear , 2,2 less 1 of 215 tires = 1,2 so will rub a lot the fenders , any idea ?

      Thks mate .

      C'mon guys , any help or idea is appreciated . :thumbsup:

    • Hey bro, this little program will you help:

      Look at my setup: i got 3-3,5 wider fenders, 8,5x19 offset40 wheels and 215 tyres. Fender edge and rim edge at the same level. it still rub when turn my steering more then 1 turn, but idont care :D

      Gruß Martin