VCDS Diagnosesystem HEX-USB (KKL)

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  • VCDS Diagnosesystem HEX-USB (KKL)

    Ich verkaufe hier mein 3/4 altes USB Interface.
    Hab es wenn es hochkommt 5 mal benutzt und hab nun keine Verwendung mehr.
    Das Interface ist die lange Version(langes Kabel)
    Preis ist 375VB

    Anmerkung des Modteams: Lizenz muss extra erworben werden!

    3.10 Can I sell my VCDS System to someone else? You can sell the Interface, but PC-based activations and support are not transferable. If you have a "dumb" interface for VCDS-Lite and the purchaser wants the full-function version, he will have to register as a new user for $99. All of our Current Interfaces act as "dongles" for VCDS, so the software should be fully functional on any PC that meets our requirements. However, we only provide support to the original owner. If you sell your interface to a third party and that person wants to be a "registered user" (eligible for product support and upgrades), he will have to register with us for $99 here.

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