DIY: Felgenlackierung

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    • DIY: Felgenlackierung

      Hier die Anleitung ausm Vortex

      Ok alot of people have been asking me if my rims have been powder coated and how much ive spent. This is the answer. NO they are not powder coated, i hand painted myself and it only cost me 15 bucks and about 4-5 hours of my life. So here it is the break down of how to paint the rims. Sorry no pictures of the process I did this about a year agoso no pictures just the matrials needed and the end result.

      Materials Needed
      Clear coat*
      300 grit sand paper*
      Rim cleaner
      Business cards/index cards
      (* not neccessarily needed)

      Step 1: Put car on jackstands and take off all the rims and remove center caps off rims.

      Step 2: Clean rims with heavy duty rim cleaner to remove all
      excess dirt. Hose down and wipe dry. Repeat 3 more times on the rest of the rims.

      Step 3: (Optional step) sand with 300 grit sand paper so the paint sticks stronger. You dont have to but its what a professional painter would do. I didnt and it turned out fine.

      Step 4: Line the lip of the rim with business cards/index cards or mask the tires.

      Step 5: Spray lightly about a foot or 2 away. DO NOT spray directly on to the rim, it will cause bubbles and drips. Start light do not do a full coat, only do a light base coat. Let dry for 10 minutes before next coat.

      Step 6: Repeat step 5 untill you reach the darkness you like. The darkets it gets is 6 coats. After the 6th coat your just waisting time.

      Step 7: (Optional Step) Take clear coat and repeat step 5. DO NOT over spary. When the clear coat drips it does NOT drip clear. When clear coat is sprayed excessively it will drip a white color and require u to spray over with paint again. Again let dry for 10 minutes and repray untill u reach the gloss you prefer.

      Step 8: Let dry for minimum of 2 hours. Air drying and drying in sun does work and cut the drying time. I STRONGLY recommend letting dry over night. But again 2 hours is the minimum drying time i would recommend.

      Step 9: Bolt tires back on and take pictures. Enjoy you now have pretty painted rims. Here are the pictures of the paint i used and the end result.

      The gunmetal paint i used

      The clear coat i used

      The end result

      Goodluck hope everyone can benifit from this. And remember I WAS THE FIRST