R32 rear spoiler on a Variant?

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    • R32 rear spoiler on a Variant?

      The picture I made is not very good, but you see what I mean... ;)

      I am thinking of making a R32 Variant spoiler, do you think it is possible? Since there are very few R32s on the Swedish market, do you know where I can find a crashed rear spoiler to use to mold it to fit my variant? ?(

      Or is there a spoiler like that on the market, I have only seen RS4 spoilers and I don't like them...so I thought of making one myself, but I think I need a R32 spoiler, and they are very expensive to buy a new one as you guys know... :(

      Any ideas?
    • I think a good body shop can handle that, but it would definately be pricey $$$ , on the other side very unique too. 8)

      Somebody on the Vortex said that theres a company trying to make a R32-Look rear valence for the jetta, perhaps they make one for the wagon and even for the golf wagon too.
      Do you know if the rear valences from the jetta and golf wagon are identical ? ?(
      Here's the link to the Vortex Thread.

    • Hmm, well I guess I could go to a body shop, and yes that would be ¤¤¤, no if I do I'll do it on my own. I'm not Paris Hiltons boyfriend you see. :D

      I don't think the Bora and the Golf variant has the same rear bumper, no, if I do it it has to be on my own. But do you know where I can get a crasched rear bumper of a R32 in Germany that I can build on?

    • TheZero: 8o8o8o8o

      :D Unbelievable! We have the same idea?! :D

      So how far have you come? Have you started? I tried to find a crasched R32 rear at the websites above but I didn't figure it out really, or they don't have the parts.

      Let me know how its going! :)

    • @Swedishguy
      hi the idea is some months old but i dont started because
      i search a cheaply, chrashed rear R32 bumper to modify too.
      but dont find any one up to now.

      Bis denn dann TheZero 8)

      Golf 7 Variant Highline 2.0TDI

    • TheZero: Hmm so we are in the same boat then.
      If you see more than one crashed bumper float by, will you tell me? :)

      There is a guy here who wants ¤420 for a new bumper...but it hurts to pay that much knowing you are going to cut in it...

      Will you customize a sportauspuff yourself or is there any on the market? I have seen the ones with dual DTM endrohre, but that is 80s to me. As close to R32 as possible.