Cheap speaker solution

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    • Cheap speaker solution

      Sorry I don't speak German, but I understand 80% of it ;)

      I am from Belgien and have my GolfV since Friday last week (now 390km)
      I have the rcd 300 radio and the el cheapo speakers but I also read, and heard that these suck major time :(
      I've been reading Vadder's page which graph says enough (4 a 5KHz peaks!!!) Which makes this car sound like a telephone!

      You can also notice phase distortion when using the fader from rear to 3/4 front, it seems like the sound is sucked away from you at 3/ front.

      Now I started to look into this and it seems that the filter from tweater (ht) is not correct, it should start at at least 9KHz.
      A change of capacitor, smaller one , or adding one should make a big change!
      Now this is a lease car and I don't want to dismantle the door! so I went the cheap way for now.
      What I did ... I took some 'invisible' tape and covered the tweaters (ht) and then made 3 small holes in the tape.
      The tape and holes make a high pass filter.
      I now have to turn up the treble but it sounds much much nicer!