Intercooler - Passform?

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    • Intercooler - Passform?

      I have found a intercooler I want to buy, but first I want to know if it will fit the front of my Golf.
      I have heard that max width is 600mm? Stimmt?

      Measures: 630x260x70mm.

      Further info: Flow:900cfm, In/out:2.5"

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    • I think this will fit, but you must prepare you metall (crashbumper), i don't know how to explain, behind the bumper.

      I have installed an Intercoole in my Polo 6NF its measurs are 530x270x80 mm. the cooler ist mounted in the front behinde the middel hole of the bumper.

      forge does also sell an intercooler set that ist ready to install in your golf.

      you can purchase it on

      I hope i could help you a little bit.


    • StevenW: Danke!! I understand perfectly.
      But don't you think the intercooler I found is zu breit? What I have hear, maximum breit is 600 mm, so there must be something that is in the way...Hmm ?(

    • I can recommend the FMIC from Greddy, verry fine i think but not verry cheaply. :D

      Bis denn dann TheZero 8)

      Golf 7 Variant Highline 2.0TDI