Setting the shift lever position!

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    • Setting the shift lever position!

      HI Guy! I'm from Italy and i have finded this forum on the net with a search engine. I want show you my problem cause i have seen that you are very expert in VW Golf IV. This is my problem.

      I have buyed a used Golf 1.6 16 v 77 KW of the year 2002 with 23500 Kms on it. The shift lever is very hard on cold motor and in first and second gear. I have just changed the oil with a 75W80 100% sinthetic + ptfe additive, it is better but the problem persists! Someone has told me that i must verify the leverage of the gearbox. In particular the position of the command levers respect the shift lever. They have told me that it is a procedure to do. I must know it!

      Anyone know the correct procedure to do??

      I want resolve this problem by myself if i can!

      Thanks in advance :)

      From Rome (Italy)

    • I want try to translate also if it is very hard!

      if anyone want please explain I have a little tecnichal dictionary german-italian, italian-german.

      i'm a bit sad
      cause my italian friends don't know anythings about that car.....

      the italian men aren't so good in mechanics!

    • Original von FredVW
      OK! if u know in german language please explain it in this language!
      I can do a translation!

      many thanks! :)


      hey leute habt ihr das nicht verstanden, wenn ihr die lösung wisst könnt ihr auch das auf deutsch erklären er hat was/jemand der das übersetzt. ;)