How can i reset the throttle valve?

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    • How can i reset the throttle valve?

      In a site i have read that after the clean or a dismantle of the throttle

      valve body i must reset the setting of that part.

      Do u know the correct procedure?

      Must i use the VAG to do this?

      Thanks in advance

      Fred (IT)

    • RE: How can i reset the throttle valve?

      VAG-COM is the best way for resetting the throttle body, but it also can be done without it. Disconnect your battery for 5 min., reconnect it and leave the ignition on for about five minutes; you'll hear the different valves going through all positions. After that let the engine idle for another five minutes and then go for a testdrive- try to simulate all possible driving situations from low rpm to high rpm. The throttle valve/body has to learn the different positions by this procedure.
      With VAG-COM the hole thing takes just a few minutes; IMHO the nicer way to do it. ;)

      Gruß Olli,

      GTI 1.8T since '02
      family car: Golf VII GTI