Porsche felgen und Golf4?

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    • Porsche felgen und Golf4?

      Ich habe entschieden das ich ein set BBS LeMans soll montieren.
      ABER sie sind ein bbisschen teuer und für das geld ändern Sie eine Menge Sachen an das auto. :D

      So, ich suche bildern an Golf 4 mit porsche felgen.

      Ich finde die Porsche 996 "Sport Design"

      und "Turbo Look II" Gut.

      Aber den neue 997 carrera mit dem "Carrera S" felgen

      is auch ok, glaube ich. Sie sind 19".

      So, hat jemand bilder von Golf 4 mit porsche felgen? :))

      ich entschuldige mich für meine Rechtschreibung

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    • Hi Swedishguy,

      there is someone on the 'Tex with the rimes from the first Porsche. The Indigo blue MK4. Pics Hosted by dub-nation
      Got pics at home, too. i will post them in the evening

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    • die GT3-felgen sind echt fett. ich kann nur die turbo-1-felgen auf meinen gölfen anbieten....

      alter golf:

      neuer golf

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    • 8o WOW!

      Veeery nice!

      Thank guys! The Turbo I are nice but I never see the "Sport Design" rims here in Sweden.

      How much are they in Germany?

      And I guess that I need a set of four front wheels?!

      8x18 and ET 50 is porsche front wheel standard right?

      So with H&R adapter that would fit my Vari perfectly...hmmm
      But where do I find the best price for these then. The pricetag in Schweden is around ¤3500 I think. But then I get a set made for a Porsche and I can't fit 11" ET50 on my VW :D

      Anyone know a good place to buy these in Germany?
    • Thank you for looking for them! Are they Sport Classic IIs?!

      Does Nico still have them? They look polished...veeery nice!

      Now I need to find a pair of either "Sport Classic IIs" or "Sport Design".

      Where shall I look?

    • I think the User Benny has got these wheels on his MK4, but I only got this pretty bad picture:

      My Dad had these wheels on his 996, I liked them, but the quality is rather bad, the surface of the rim was soon damage and after 4 years they should have been reworked, but the car was sold before I could persuade him to do so!

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