Foot well light installation - How/Where?

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    • Foot well light installation - How/Where?

      I have bought four of the Audi A4 8E interior lights, (under front seats and for the footwells for the passangers riding in the front.)
      but I don't know where to hook on the cables, I want them to go on when you unlock the car together with the interior light, and go off when you turn on the ignition or lock the car.

      Anybody around who can help me? :)

    • maybe check how the "coming-home-modul" is wired.
      or use one of them and just connect youre lights with them?

      alternaiv: just wire it to the interior lights?

      btw.: why the lights from the a4 and no normal kkh from ebay?
      maybe some pics?;)

    • Orome: Coming home module? You mean the dimmer function?
      Well I think I understand what you are trying to say, but I just wonder what cable and where would be the smartest to hook up the cable. Hmm!

      Daniel: Can't wait! :D Thanx! Phaeton lights huh! Some fancy shiiit!
      Hey you are soon celebrating three years here on the forum!