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    • Widebody 4x10x19

      ist der Dickmann

      Hey Everyone,

      Last night I came over to see my friends GTi at the body shop, he has been saving up for the past 2 years and we almost finally get to see the final product. I have been helping him locate parts from the very begining and I think it will come out pretty nice.

      He's pretty new to the VW scene, but a known player in the Import scene. He is building his VW to represent the dubbers in the Import world. I hope he does good, because he stayed up all night to drive up and compete in the Autofest Car Show in Las Vegas.

      The car has been in the shop for 4 months, and when I saw it, it just had some coilovers and a few performance mods. He has been working every weekend sanding, fiberglassing, bondoing, etc. Just to get ready to represent.

      Last night is the first time drving the car, the paint, body work, wheels, everything is brand new to him and the car. So it was very exciting to see.

      Here are a few specs I know of... The car needs to go back, because the body guy is not 100% happy with the finished product.

      * 4- 19x10 - DTM Kruz Wheels with Black Centers
      * Toyo Tires
      * Ingo Noak Wide Body Kit
      - Molded the fenders to the body and bumpers, then cut for ease of removing the bumpers.
      * Reiger 1-Bar Grill
      * Black Roof
      * Painted Black Mirrors
      * Shaved Door Moldings
      * Shaved Fender Marker Lights
      * Shaved Rear Emblem

      I think that's it.
      So Good Luck Ricky at AutoFest!!! And I hope you like the car as much as I do. When the body work is all straighten out and get the stereo in there, I will be doing a dub-Nation.com feature.

      Here are some pictures I took, my battery died on the camera before it was all done.

    • Krasses ungetüm

      Aber so Breitbauten waren vor Jahren mal in, aber jeder sollte das machen was IHM gefällt.

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    • Naja das Ingo Noak Streetracer Gewand mal noch verbreitert...absolut nicht mehr mein Geschmack...dann lieber Königseder oder IN Streetracer normal.