Help I have a problem whit replacing the Tacho in my car

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    • Help I have a problem whit replacing the Tacho in my car

      I know that this is a Golf forum, but since the part in question is from a Golf, and the Octavia is similar to the Golf in many ways I post this question here in addition to

      I have tried to replace the "Tacho" in my Skoda Octavia I whit a "Tacho" from a Golf IV. I use the guide that I found here:

      Everything works just fine until I come to the stage where I'm going to enter the number of keys. I have 2 keys so I enter 2, then I press save, I then get a question if I'm sure, then press yes. The number in all the fields then changes to 2 for a split second and then goes back to 0. Then I'm unable to recode the keys. Do you have any idea of what I do wrong ?

      (I don't have the 7 digit day code, but I have the 5 digit login code that I use)

    • Thank you for you're reply Michael, but I think (and hope) that you are wrong about this, since I have seen pictures of several other Octavia's whit instrument clusters from Golf IV

    • Forgot to write this:
      My Octavia is 04/2000 model, and the Golf IV Tacho is made in 1997. Both is without can bus (XXX919XXX) and have IMMO II

      An other question is: what does this mean: ACHTUNG ! PRESSEFAHRZEUGE (it's written on a label on the Golf IV tacho)