fk silverline golf 4 pd

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    • fk silverline golf 4 pd

      I've just taken delivery of my new FK silverline kit , when i've opened the box , i was surprised that only the front dampers where in inox , the rears where just painted yellow !? Is this normal , should the rears not also be in inox ? Have i got the right kit , or is there a mistake happened... The car is a golf 4 PD :O

    • Hi,

      I think you got the right dampers. The FK Silverline has only the front dampers in inox surface, the rears are only varnished.

      I think it´s because of the adjustment rings on the front dampers (without inox you could get probs with oxidation), on the rear you change the height with the screws beyond the springs. So on the rear axle the inox damper is not really necessary!


      Here you got two pics of the FK Silverline that I´ve just found with Google!

      Pic 1


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    • If you want , you can reply in german ,no prob, but for me , English is a bit easer . About my car ; it's not very special , It's an 2001 , golf 4 / 115 hp PD , 6 gang , Comfortline . Indigoblue , clima , sportseats , rainsensor , mfa ,3 door ... It has 17inch rep Porsche turbo , a FK coiloverkit , ABT tuned (140hp) , highline taillights ... I know , 18 inch would be nicer , but i've promised my wife(i'm 36 ears old) , that this one would stay standard ! i'm still visiting some of the meetings ( mania , Worthersee) but it seems the scene has changed to a big buck concept . When i see , some of the cars , they look amazing , but a bit upmarket ... I still love my golf ( after a golf 1 gti , a few golf 3s and now the 4) , and i drive it with pleasure . So , you know a bit about me and my not so special car ... GREETZZZZ :]