Intercooler in the Golf 5 GTI

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    • Intercooler in the Golf 5 GTI

      Hello there, sorry to have it done in English.
      I have a Golf 5 GTI myself and love the machine.
      one big question, it's a turbo intercooled. when I look under the hood at the engine, I only see a big radiator. my question is, where is the intercooler or is that big radiator acutaly the intercooler for the turbo?

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    • thanks again, I found it, the turbo intercooler and the radiator for the engine are behinde eachother, I defenately saw 2 kind of radiators behinde eachother.. the turbo intercooler is quiet big too, no need for any future upgrade, even the most add-on intercoolers from various tuning companies are not even close as big the one that is in the GTI.