URGENT Bamberg Treffen - Munichers...

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    • URGENT Bamberg Treffen - Munichers...

      Hallo Dubbers,

      I hope some of you speak English! My German is very bad.... :(

      I'm very involved in the VW scene in North American. I am working in Munich for three months.

      I would really like to go to Treffen tomorrow. I am willing to pay for gas as I don't have a car :(

      If someone lives in Munich as is going tomorrow could you please give me a call? It would be cool to have a Canadian VW guy hanging around

      My phone number is 0898203130 and my name is Stephen. I'll have the phone beside me all evening. Thanks.

      My car:

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    • i don't know any guy where comes from munich...

      but this is the right link to your car

      EDIT: Hat sich wohl erledigt, jetzt geht auch sein Bild ;)

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    • I dont think that anybody is heading to mannheim from munich tomorrow. gas prices are very high at the time and i guess the munich people are heading towards the bamberg treffen which is also tomorrow. perhaps you like to go there ? im sure somebody can pick u up somewhere around munich.

      Im still sorry, i knew you wanted to met the other vortex people in mannheim. :rolleyes:
      Next time perhaps. How long are you in Germany ?