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    • Motorscout24 - Englische Kaufinteressenten


      Ich hatte gestern einen Roller von Peugeot in Motoscout24 eingestellt und habe heute schon 3 Interessenten. Seltsamer Weise sprechen sie alle englisch, denkt ihr, da gibts einen Haken? Manchmal werden ja auch teure Autos zu Spottpreisen angeboten, auch in englischer Sprache, das sind ja meistens fakes. Also, was meint ihr dazu, denkt ihr, denen lohnt es zu antworten??

      Anbei die Mails

      I saw your advert while surfing on and i am willing to
      buy.I would like you to mail me your last price,conditions and if it is still
      available for sale.Please do get back to me the pictures if available . I await
      your response.
      Thanks and God bless
      Clio Montalo

      Bitte kontaktieren Sie ihn unter:

      Name: Clio Montalo
      Telefon: nil

      dear seler,

      I saw your advert and i will like to buy your bike due to your
      let me if is still lavailable for sale.

      what is your final offer for sales .........

      all for now

      Bitte kontaktieren Sie ihn unter:

      Name: stan
      Telefon: .

      Good Day ,
      This is a purchase enquiry in response to your advertised
      ads (bike )for sale. I admire it so much I want to know more about it; I am
      however okay with its detailed features and descriptions but prior to payment
      proceedings I'd like to know if there has been any changes to it's advertised
      conditions and then do let me know the following : -YOUR FINAL ASKING PRICE
      ?(This is to bring to your attention that payment would be in the mode of a BANK
      CHEQUE which is secured ).
      And if available do forward any picture(s) of it for a clearer insight.Looking
      forward to your earliest and convenient pertinent response with all of the
      requested informations i.e
      price e.t.c.........
      Yours faithfully,

      Bitte kontaktieren Sie ihn unter:

      Name: clara cole
      Telefon: +447031849125