golf 5 on air from belgium

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    • golf 5 on air from belgium

      hello i want to introduce my golf 5 here so here it goes

      i drive a golf 5 1.9 tdi 90hp

      changes so far

      felgen : rh felgen 18" front 8.5 et 35 rear 9 et 38
      with polisht felgringe


      mounted xenons
      gti frontbumper
      cleaned gti frontgrill ( no logo about 15 hours work)
      custom foglightgrills ( i cutted al the hole's open about 20 hours work )
      badlook ( extended 4 cm )
      cleaned heck ( no logo )
      cadamuro rear bumper
      carcatere heckspoiler ( roof )
      caractere sideskirts
      carcatere trunklid ( or how do you say it in german )
      gas airride ( for now a v1 kit but soon a v3 kit its still in backorder )
      custom bild airtank 30 liter
      side 2 side


      digital airide controler with auto raise funktion ( imported from australia )
      hu: avic x1r
      the rest of the interieur is standart for now all oem parts

      some pics


      i am sure that i have forgotten a lot more butt for now its al that pops in my head

      greets from begium vw dutch aka glenn

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    • Nice DUB… i think i've seen your Golf at KAUNITZ-Treffen on May, 7th this year… right??


    • yes thats right

      i drove 500 km to get there so

      and thanks to the organisation that put me in a very bad place i now have 3 scratch in my car but the car needs to be repainted so

      en the rear bumper is going to change to this

      pictune for the new rearbumper

      i also order a good number of crome parts for the golf


      and some more crome parts but dont have pictures yet

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    • Great car! One of the best I've ever seen here. =)
      The only thing I don't like sooo much is the cleaned frontgrill. I like the VW sign, but it's your car.

      Altogether a very nice car. Looks great!
      I would enjoy some interieur pics =)