• Golf 4

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    • Hello everyone,

      I am new here and I hope you guys can help me.
      My german language isn't that good, so I hope you don't mind I speak english.

      I was looking for a bodykit for my Golf IV 1.9 TDI Highline 85KW 115PS 2001.
      Surfing on the internet I saw these pictures and I hope you guys can tell me which bodykit is mounted on this car:

      I saw the same front bumper on the car of THEISMAN.
      I hope someone can tell me which bodykit this is and which company made it.
      Thanks for helping.


    • Hello Tobi,

      Yes I have it.
      I will post moren pics later on the day.

      So you guys are saying that the kit is from Carline??
      Well I am not sure, because I already had take a look at the site of Carline.

      I will check it out again, but I have my doubts

    • Original von e-clipse
      hi there,

      well the bumper you are looking 4 seems to be produced by CarLine. just have a look @

      or the following link:…IV/A1_Golf_4_Front_CI.php

      oh, and the mainbeam is taken from hella or even inpro. golf mk v look!

      have fun!!

      it isn't the bumper of carline...
      just compare the bumper on the picture from looney with that from carline...
      there are differences....
      here is the real bumper, that looney want:

      best wishes, tobi

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    • Hello Theisman,

      Thanks for the link.
      But I was wondering which sideskirts and rear bumper are on this car.
      Is it from the same company?

      Here are some more pics of the car:

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    • Rear bumper is a combination of the OEM-rearbumper and kerscher-diffusor.

      Link in this Forum: Kerscher Heckansatz GÜNSTIGER? WO???

      I guess Sideskirts are by

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    • hey dude, that's my car in its old shape.

      the front bumper is from ingo noak / dubtechnic, fitment was perfect.

      the skirts are from rieger, fitment was not great, but still good.

      the rear bumper is a little complicated. we shaved a oem euro-rearbumper and molded the kerscher rear. i think it's one of the most expensive rearbumpers you can go with.

      Golf V GTI Editon 30 / Passat 2.0 Edition One / Corsa D OPC

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    • Hey Sepang_dub,

      I must say you have dome a VERY EXCELLENT JOB with the Golf.
      I like the way it looks.
      Cool dude.

      I hope didn't mind I took your pics and placed them.
      Your pics also reaches USA :D

      So I finally got it.
      This car has a
      INGO NOAK Front bumper
      Rieger Sideskirts
      Kerscher Rear Diffusor

      The sideskirts are not from Lumma.
      I saw the skirts on Ebay and they are from INGO NOAK, but I might be mistaken.

      You GUYS are GREAT especially Spang_dub.

      Thanks for the help.
      And here are some pics of my car.

      I already have taken out the scheinwerferblenden.
      I replaced the headlights with angel eyes from Hella
      The ruckleuchten are also replaced with the newest version LED lights from this link.

      I soon will change my suspension because that is needed.
      I will go for the KW Gewindefahrwerken Version 2.
      I also will replace the brake system with a TT brake system.
      The nozzles will be updated and also the turbo en the exhausted system included a bigger intercooler. After I have bought all these parts I will shut down the EGR and Chip tune the car.
      As soon as my project is finish I will let you guys know.
      There also will come another front and rear bumper including the sideskirts.
      I will place another body kit on the car and will spray it again in 2 tone.
      And at last I will go for some exclusive rims.
      I was thinking off:

      @ Carline
      @ Kerscher
      @ ASA
      @ Evolution

      I was also think of going for a Seidl kit, but I do not know what to do.
      I also like the INGO NOAK style, so I have some time to think about it.
      I will keep you guys updated.

    • :D:D:D I like the way you mix-up german and englisch :D sounds funny :baby:

      Original von Looney

      I already have taken out the scheinwerferblenden.
      The ruckleuchten are also replaced
      I will go for the KW Gewindefahrwerken Version 2.

      You see: This Forum is the best in the world ... =) :D

      See ya
    • [/quote]

      You see: This Forum is the best in the world ... =) :D

      See ya[/quote]

      Yeah Baby Yeah

      Yo Got That Right

      I Luv GERMAN Cars

      Oh I forget to mention it, but I also have changed the side mirrors.
      I now have bigger mirrors with side markers in it.
      When I have the other pics I will post them for you guys.
      Here are a few more pics of my car:

    • hello again,

      so. first of all, sorry for telling you the wrong manufacture of the front bumper,but the golf v bumpers look really similar 2 me. ok, forget about that.

      and your car... wow, what can i say.
      i really like the interior. pretty good looking! seems 2 be the OEM material, except of the trunk. :D well, what kind of material you´ve used for the clipboard??

      my golf is also black. nice colour, isn´t it? ;) with black headlights, black turn signals on the side. the rest is still very OEM looking. no modificatet bumpers, except the V6 spoiler-skirts on the front.

      oh, and i have an suggestion for improvement for your car. like Triam already said, it´s just a small detail, but let´s have a look on your cars "ass". the rear windscreen wiper can be replaced by the golf mk V "aerotwin" wiper. so the look of the rear mights be more "clean and sportive"!

      so, have a nice day, and enjoy the sun!