Gewindefahrwerke ?

    • Golf 4

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    • Gewindefahrwerke ?

      Hallo Jeder,

      Ich möchte ein gewindefakrwerk für mein Golf IV kaufen.
      Jetzt hoffe ich, daß Sie Kerle mir helfen können, die rechte Wahl zu treffen.
      Was ist die beste Wahl für ein Golf IV 1.9 TDI 85KW 115PS 2001 automatik?

      Could you guys reply in english please, my german is NOT that good. :D

    • I would say the best choice is to take a KW suspension. Many guys in here have KW and they are quiet satisfied.
      An econmy-price you´ll get with a FK Automotive suspension. I have one myself but can´t say anything about its quality because I have it just for about 4 weeks.
      Until now I have no problems with that. :)

      Edit: Sorry for my fuckin english my german is much better! :]

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    • Hello DerTeigel,

      I must say that your english is quiet very good.
      Ok ok so you have a FK automotive suspension set.
      Well I was planning to buy a KW Var.2 suspension set, but I still don't know what to do.
      What about H&R or Koni or Bilstein??
      About Bilstein I was planning to buy the GM5 B16-PSS9.
      But everyone tells me that I should go for KW.

    • I'd say it like this: the Bilstein is quite the best you can get regarding performance, but it is not the right choice if you want to get as low as possible ( i think the Bilstein doesn't get lower than 50mm). If that is your aim and you don't want a setup you could also drive on track, I'd go for the FK Silverline-you won't get lower with any other and it's quite cheap but of good quality (the Silverline is the stainless version of the Highsport).

      So it depends on what you want: H&R, Koni, Bilstein are all very good and offer really good driving performance, the FK is cheap, gets really low but is not the best one regarding (sportive) performance.

      Gruß Olli,

      GTI 1.8T since '02
      family car: Golf VII GTI

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    • I think kw are the best together with H&R.
      I had a H&R in my last car. I was very satisfied.
      Koni is rather hard and uncomfortable. If that is no problem to you its ok. I prefer a comfortable one so i took the FK.

      If you buy one think about changing the balancer. If you go deeper then 50 or 60mm you have to change it because the drive shaft scratches at the balancer.
      Don´t know if you knew about it.
      If you want to to that you have to buy the 4motion balancer or the H&R balancer.
      It costs about 120 to 160€ including all screws.
      I had to do that either. My mechanic installed everything today and took 60€ payment.
      If you are interested in a suspension you might ask one of the forum dealer if they can make you a good offer.
      you can find them here

      I hope I could help you a little bit.


    • Well guys,

      I wil not go lower then 40mm, but I still need the comfort.
      I have heard that KW has a brand new line which is more comfortable then the setup before.
      Reason I will not go lower is because of the thresholds here in Amsterdam.
      They are to high and my wife will drive the car the most.
      So my setup must be NOT lower then 40mm and NOT hard.
      It must be at least a bit of comfort.

    • In this case I#d choose either the new KW-Street Comfort or the Bilstein. Another brand not mentioned yet but known for their comfortable and at the same time sportive setup would be Eibach. Eibach and Bilstein would alsways be my favorite choice (those two companies also work together, e.g. the OEM Suspension of the 25 Ann. GTI was made by Bilstein[shocks] and Eibach[springs]).

      Gruß Olli,

      GTI 1.8T since '02
      family car: Golf VII GTI

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    • If you won´t go lower than 40 you needn´t take a chassis with adjustable suspension. I think non adjustable are cheaper.
      In relation to quality and comfort Chuck said everything i think.

    • Ok guys,

      I think I have made my choice.
      I will go for a FK kit or the new KW Street Confort.
      Reason why I do not want to spend so much money is because I will sell my car.
      The reason is that I bought this car for my wife, but she doesn't drive the car that much, so I would sell it and buy a gasoline Golf IV.
      So I will search for a Golf IV full option with 4 doors, electric windows, electric sunroof, automatic getriebe/triptronic, leder interior, sitzheizung and many more.
      I would like to buy a 6 cilinder Golf, but I think that the Golf 2.8 V6 did not come with triptronic and I must have a triptronic car.

      So I will have to go for a 2.3 V5 motor.
      Any suggestions where I could find a good one???

    • Hello Chuck,

      I already have seen 1 on, but first I need to sell my car so that I can buy the one I have seen.
      The one I have seen is red and is a full option.
      The only thing is missing is the original VW navi, but I can life with that, because I was planning to place a double din Pioneer unit in the Golf IV.

      But can someone tell me if the 2.8 V6 come with a triptronic transmission?

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