Golf IV R32 DSG

    • Golf 4 Benziner

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    • Golf IV R32 DSG

      anybody got one with DSG gearbox ?

      pro - cons about the gearbox

      how do you make a launch with dsg ( like dropping the clutch in a manual ) ?

      i am thinking about doing a convertion to dsg

    • a dsg is just an automatic gearbox with the option to choose the gears by yourself.
      so there is no "clutch dropping"
      pretty same like the smart roadsters have, possibly you have seen one of those.

      you have a R32 Variant? i can't remember a variant with 3.2l engine

      MfG marius

    • ahh, ok.

      have you ever driven an automatic car?
      the dsg is the same, but you have the option to choose your gear.

      you start like standing on the brakes, pressing the button on the gearshift to open the lock and pull down the gearshift to "D" (Drive), by releasing the brakes the car will start to roll.

      MfG marius