Tacho mit FIS und CAN in Ohne CAN auto

    • Golf 4

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    • Tacho mit FIS und CAN in Ohne CAN auto


      How do i install my SE tacho with FIS in my golf IV from '99 with no CAN-BUS?

      Someone told me about a can-bus emulator and two wires that had to be switched? Any one knows what emulator and what wires?

    • Hi,

      Look at this Thread:
      click here
      The first Comment in this Thread shows a picture of the Emulator and a link to a german Seller but I don't know if he sold it anymore?! Maybe you should ask the seller.

      You will need this emulator to install the SE-CAN-Display in your car, without this, there is no chance to install the Display with a functional RPM-Display.

      The two wires are called the CAN-Bus-wires! With this wires, your RPM-Display will work properly.
      They are also shown in this Picture(CAN-Lo ; CAN-H), but first of all, you have to put on the Ignition (named "Zündung +12V(KL 15)" in the Pic) and the Ground (called "Masse") and the RPM-Signal("Drehzahl"). That's all...The emulator is intervens betwenn your electrical Harness and your new SE-Display.

      At the end I'd like to apologize myself and my bad english ;) but I hope you can read and understand it.
      And if you have any questions anymore, you're welcome to ask again :)

      Greetings Totto

      I forgot to ask you if your old display has a part number for example like this:
      xxx 919 xxx ?
      or like that
      xxx 920 xxx ?

      PS: Wehe einer von euch lacht :D

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    • RE: 919 or 920

      Original von jastr
      My old tacho is 919 and the new one is 920.

      Well, Ok!

      Your only option is the emulator linked in my answer before! Then you can install your new tacho without problems, but I think that your "warning-sound" (if you forget to turn the lights off after parking) don't work anymore, because of the "Can-Gateway"...
      Well, but I'm not sure about that!

      The emulator is very expensive (150€) but there's no other way to run your new CAN-tacho.

      Greetz Totto
    • Hello again,
      so after work, i have time to write to you. I don't know if the email-adress is still active.
      I've already written to him because of my broken tacho.
      Try this email adress, which could be still work:
      ==>GTI-TDI.de<== (just click the link on the left side)

      I can't guarantee, if this auction fits with your tacho...it could be, but it also could not.
      The functions of the emulator listen in the auction are almost the same like the other one.
      Some special features are included,but they are especially important for you, if you drive an diesel-engine (Vorglühanzeige called englich like Glow-Light?!??)
      Or if you have a oil-temperature-sensor, which can not be re-programmed in your tacho.

      But sounds like same features.And cheaper!

      But now i have to sleep!

      Greetz Totto

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