Neue MCD Navi

    • Golf 4

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    • Neue MCD Navi

      Sorry for the English! :rolleyes:

      VW now only list one replacement MCD navi 7M3 057 191 B (Nachrüstung version) or 7M3 035 191 B (spare part)…e&thirdLevelMenueId=12466

      It is listed for:
      Bora (A4), Bora Var. (A4)
      Golf Var. (A4), Golf (A4), Golf R32 (A4)
      Passat Var. (B5-GP), Passat Var. (B5), Passat Lim. (B5-GP), Passat Lim. (B5)
      Sharan GP
      Transport/Bus (T4 GP)

      Does anyone know whether this version only supercedes the old 1J0 035 191 A non-CANBUS version of the MCD??

      The 1J0 035 191 C CANBUS version was only fitted to late 3BG Passats (same as MFD-G was) but this new (only!) version is listed as covering this model. :O

      So is it CANBUS or 3LB???

      Thank you for any information! :)