Alpine W505 + ALpine PXA H701 Cable

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    • Alpine W505 + ALpine PXA H701 Cable

      Hello, I am in search of a fiber optic cable to connect the Alpine W505 and the Alpine PXA H701. Alpine has a Cable called the KWE610 but I have not found this cable online. There is an alternative cable from Panasonic. The Panasonic cable will work with a little modification. The Panasonic cable is CA-LRD60. Does anyone know when either of these cables are available?

      My new system will have the following components:

      Alpine W505
      Alpine PXA H701
      Alpine 3 x PDX 2.150
      Sinfoni 90.2
      Alpine KCE 415i-Ipod Video
      Ipod video 30Gig
      AIV Colorado RCA cables
      Kicker PKD1
      Kicker PK4
      Focal 2x 165KRX3