Shake Killer Red

    • Golf 4

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    • Shake Killer Red

      Has anyone ever use Shake Killer Red? I am looking for someone with experience with this paste.

    • I know a car-hifi-dealer who's using it a lot... seem's to work pretty good!

      It's a kind of "new" product, so only a few people know and use it... it's not bad, but still unknown and not so "hyped" as other products...

      give it a try and tell us your impression...

    • Thanks for your help. I have one can of it and I want to use it but I was just looking for someone to give me some types before I use it. I took my doors apart and added complete dynamat stuff to them and now, I think I will use this on my tuer verkleidung.

    • Thanks for the pic and the link. I will install the Red Stuff next week but I will not be able to test it until February or March. I am rebuilding my stereo and that is when I should be finished. I will post pics and comments about the red stuff when its done.