DataSafe Batterien for Auto HIFi

    • Golf 4

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    • DataSafe Batterien for Auto HIFi

      Hello, I am in search of new HiFi batteries for my car. Has anyone used the Datasafe HX series batteries for their car HiFi with good results?

      Or can some one recommend some good batteries for Car HiFi?

      So far, I am interested in several batteries:

      1x Data Safe HX400 360euro Made By Hawker Gen
      1x Ground Zero GZBP 12.3500 320Euro

    • it depends a bit for which purpose you need the battery.... a db-dragger needs other batteries than an SQ-guy, who wants to hear longer time without the engine running...

      the datasafes are okay... my car-hifi-dealer uses them a lot and I had a Hawker SBS J40 in my car for quite some time..

      worth a closer look are also the PowerCell-batts (like the PC2050, which is absolutly enough for "normal" hifi-purposes)..

      other good manufacturers are Optima, Kinetik, Stinger or Northstar (not directly "car-hifi-batteries", but a lot of people use them)...

      the GZ-batt will be of one of these "big" manufacturers and will be only labelled as GZ...

      in my opinion you don't me such a big battery if you only want to stabilize the power-supply... the Datasafe HX80 or the Powercell PC1100 will be allright for most people... on the other hand, you can't have enough power!

      what components have to be powered?

    • I am powering the following components:

      Alpine w505
      Pxa H701
      1 tv in trunk
      1x Sinfoni 90.2
      3x Alpine pdx 2.150
      1x Ground Zero 2.3000d

      Front system:
      Focal KRX3

      Center system:
      Focal KRX3

      Rear system:
      Focal Utopia 165W

      Trunk system:
      Focal 165 k2

      I am looking for a DB battery because I attend car shows throughout the summer and I turn the car off and play music a lot.

      My current batteries are:
      Red Top - engine and Airride

      2 hawker SBS j40 Ground zero
      1 Green Power 1100 for other amps(front rear and trunk amps)

      I am thinking of buying two Kinetic HC 2400's or 2000's from the USA because of the price. and run them in parallel to have more Ampere.

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    • okay... so you mainly need capacity... I think that a lot of batteries will work for you... stick with the well-known names!
      I suppose there won't be a big or even noticable difference between a Hawker or a Kinetic... both (and others as well) are good, reliable batteries!

      to make a decision compare the ESR- (should be as low as possible), on the Ah- (the capacity - so high as possible) and the short-ciruit- or "boost"-values (the "quickness" of the battery - also so high as possible). that are the main quality indicators...
      after that, you can have an eye on the overall impression, especially of the terminals... they sometimes break out of the "box"...

      something personal:
      I suppose you will throw the J40s out of you car, when you have the new batts, or? any plans with it yet? my own J40 died some weeks ago... replacing it with one of yours would be the easies solution for me, because I would have to make a new housing for an other battery with different dimensions to the J40...
      maybe we can make a deal... send me a PM when you though about it.... :D

    • We use the Datasafe a long time with very good results. These batteries are very compact and work well as engine or rear added baterrie, and i think, the Datasafe HX300 is strong enough for you, i use this batterie in my car for engine and carhifi and i´m lucky ;)


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