Coilover springs !?!?!?

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    • Coilover springs !?!?!?

      Hi guys ! Im new to this forum, and this is my first post :)
      Wanted to say hello by the way ! Im from Poland but I dont know German at all, so you have to forgive me that im writing in english :)

      Ok , this is what I found at US E-bay

      The thing is, my car is lovered on Supersort coilovers, and the rear is fixed on -50 mm :( It is low, but I still got the feeling that it could go lower for another 10 - 20 mm ...
      Those springs could do it, but im not sure if I can buy them in Europe... I was looking for it once, but couldnt find anything like this !
      Im sure if they have it in Germany I will be able to buy it in Poland too :)

      BTW Anyone riding on Supersort Coilovers there ? :)