1.6 16v - how much u can improve it ?

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    • 1.6 16v - how much u can improve it ?

      Im driving 2002 Golf 1.6 16v ! With its 105 PS its pretty fast I guess (hehe) , but I still want to improve it !

      Im thinking of some simple improvments (not the turbo, or NOS) and I was hoping that u guys can help me out :)
      The thing is, I know how to improve engines horsepower, but basicly difrent things seems to have a difrent effect on difrent engines ! So i would like to know, what exacly did u do to your 1.6 16v , and how did it improve its performance :)

      Thanks :)

    • Well swatch,

      in my opinion the main issue is that without supercharging or filling nos in the air intakes you won't get an enormous increase of power or torque for an acceptable price.

      You can set different things which cost more than building up your new engine with a garrett t03 or t04.

      I'm not sure about Poland's acts concerning tuning of vehicles or optimization of engines - but for me it makes more sense to get a turbo or to insert a completely new engine (e.g. 1.8T)

      Take it easy

    • Marc , I know ....
      But right now, Im not thinking about swaping an 1.8T engine, couse my 1.6 16v is new, and it has less than year, and 20.000 km on it !
      My aim is to make around 120 - 130 Hp out of my 1.6 !

      Deep_Inside ... i still cant understand German :( Sorry ...